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Home Based and Case Management Services for Justice-Involved Youth

The Home Based Services Program serves youth involved in the juvenile justice system, ages 13 -21 years. Program staff work to provide the youth and family with an effective transition from residential treatment to community reintegration, providing a range of case management and support services. Youth are coached on how to advocate and secure services to ensure they can manage their physical and mental health needs as they are reintergrated in the community. Each of the program tracks, Case Management and Community Based Services, provide youth the opportunity to achieve their goals with the support of their family, community, and peers as they complete any probationary requirements.

Independent Living Plus Programs

The mission for the Independent Living Plus (ILP) Program is to support and lead a diverse population of 16—19 year old court wards, placed with a host home or staff supported home within the community, while they attain necessary life skills. It is the vision of the ILP Program to guide emerging adults to become functionally independent and lead self-sufficient lives. The focus is to provide limited intervention to meet the youth’s specific ILP needs and goals until he/she is able to step down to a less restrictive environment foster care offers. ILP provides therapy, training and a hands-on approach to educational enhancement, job readiness and money management with the assistance of a Life Skills Coach.

Youth may be Temporary or Permanent Court Wards and state or county involved juvenile justice services. Referrals will be accepted from the Department of Health and Human Services and Care Management Organizations.

Independent Living Program

Provides semi-independent living placements for adolescents 16-19 years of age, who are in need of obtaining the skills necessary to live independently in the community. Youth will be provided placement within the community while having access to case managers who will assist them in meeting their treatment goals. Youth accepted in the program are in need of independent living services that will guide them into becoming functionally independent.

Youth who are temporary/permanent or juvenile justice wards of the court between are eligible. They will have demonstrated the capacity to function semi-independently through a prior history of: good attendance at school for at least one semester, good placement adjustment for at least six months, no addiction to drugs or alcohol, pregnant teens 18 years or older living independently are eligible, ability to follow program rules and actively participate in developing a mutually agreed upon Treatment Plan. Approved living arrangements are, non-licensed private mentor boarding home providers, apartment and/or rental units, and college campus housing.

If this opportunity to help young people through a challenging time and set them on a path to self-sufficiency interests you, call us at (734) 458-8736. We need people like you, and so do they.

Life Skills Program - Genesee County

We provide services for up to six months to assist referred DHHS clients with employment, housing resources, communication skills, completing SER paperwork, substance abuse education, maintaining a clean/safe environment, anger issues, nurturing parenting techniques, enhance resume/interview skills, community resources, etc. Our commitment is to provide quality strength-based, family-centered services that empower them to make choices in their lives that produce positive outcomes for families/children in Genesee County.

YIT - Youth in Transition and Educational Services

The purpose of the Youth in Transition (YIT) Program is to provide educational services to youth 17 and up that have not obtained a high school diploma or GED. Eligibility for participation is an open foster care case at time of referral (case may close during time in program), not currently attending an education program or are at least one academic year behind his/her graduating class, and not incarcerated or in a high security facility. The overall goal is to increase the graduation rate for Wayne County youth placed in the care and supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services. The program offers a variety of services, including educational support/monitoring, life skills assessment, counseling, housing assistance, mentorship and case management.

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