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A common public perception is that the system can seem like a never-ending cycle. What if there was a way to break that cyclical chain and truly help young people turn their thinking, emotions and lives around? At Spectrum Juvenile Justice Services, we are working to create real, positive change for our residents and the greater community.

Evidence of Success

In 2015, 275 youth received treatment services and the following outcomes were reported:
  • 15% recidivism rate
  • 96% of released youth completed the program as planned
  • 91% of the youth who completed the program saw an increase in Life Skills scores which increase their independent living skills
  • 97% of the youth enrolled in treatment programs improved by 1 grade level for each 180 day period they remained in the program

The Lincoln program staff has demonstrated a commitment and dedication to Wayne County youth and families delivering positive outcomes, cost-effective treatment, successful discharges and safer communities.

Kym L. Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor

Instead of treating him like a criminal and talking down to him, you treated him with kindness and respect – this went a long way in forming his perception of his worth and who he is.

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