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Unlike punitive-focused juvenile justice programs, Spectrum works to promote healthy development and long-term life outcomes for justice-involved adolescents while balancing personal responsibility and accountability. To achieve this, Spectrum implements only evidence-based treatment, and has a long record of successful outcomes that greatly exceeds the national average. Spectrum is committed to being a leader in juvenile justice, and to continuously creating real, positive, and sustainable change for justice-involved adolescents, their families, and communities.

Evidence of Success

Spectrum’s residential treatment programs have a long history of highly successful treatment outcomes, including but not limited to:
  • 15% recidivism rate following treatment (compared to 50% nationally)
  • Significant reduction in trauma symptoms
  • 96% treatment completion rate
  • 91% of youth demonstrated significant improvement in life skills and the development of new independent living skills following treatment
  • 97% of youth progressed by one educational grade level, often improving to placement in their age-appropriate grade

What our Stakeholders Say

“Your program has provided me with more than just a forward focus, but also an internal focus. You have provided me with care, clothing, mentoring, wisdom, education, and a foundation to stand upon. Ingredients that will help me succeed in the future.”

Former resident

“Instead of treating him like a criminal and talking down to him, you treated him with kindness and respect – this went a long way in forming his perception of his worth and who he is.”

Family of a former resident

“The Lincoln program staff has demonstrated a commitment and dedication to Wayne County youth and families delivering positive outcomes, cost-effective treatment, successful discharges and safer communities.”

Kym L. Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor
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